Student Who Stole Library Book in 1836 Finally Released From Detention

Oliver Partridge, a student who stole a copy of “The Canterbury Tales” from NYU’s library in the mid-1800s, was finally released from a university holding facility late Tuesday afternoon.

Partridge, who was kept in a secret room beneath the 8th St. N station, was in the midst of serving a 200-year sentence, but was released 20 years early for good behavior.

“Nary a thought did enter my head as I exited the athenaeum, of the volume stashed deep in the bowels of my rucksack, unbeknownst to me. With the speed and agility of a crouching tiger, the constable had me upon the ground posthaste. The good fellow did then inform me that I’d be spending a hell of a long time in the slammer,” Partridge, 203, said as he coughed up asbestos dust and brushed the dirt off his pants.

Asked what he would do now, the student replied, “English Literature was my course of choice at the time. But now, as my criminal tendencies precede me, perhaps I shall try for a degree at Stern, where they will feel quite at home.”