Tips For Having An Affair With A Married Professor

Older, married men are hotter, smarter and more financially secure than others. It’s just plain science. Next time you’re ready to go for a tumble in the tweed, check out these tips to keep your affair fun and flirty.

  1.      Learn Everything You Can About His Kids

The quickest way to a man’s heart is through the safety of his family! Send his children anonymous gifts you’ll know they’ll love or dress up like them and wait in your Professor’s bed.

  1.      Emojis Make Threatening Text Messages More Cute

Add a fun winky face or that little lady waving to your various “I’LL TELL THAT BITCH FUCKING EVERYTHING” texts to seem like a true cool girl and less clingy.

  1.      Leave Small Personal Items At His Place

An earring in his sock drawer! Your ID in his dirty laundry! A lock of your hair in his mail! Remind him you’re always thinking about him and he better be thinking about you too.

  1.      When In Doubt, Extort!

Hey we all got to eat! Don’t think of it as blackmail but high stakes role play! Most men are into financial domination anyways.