Tisch Actress Takes Astronomy Class, Discovers World Does Not Revolve Around Her

When Lisa Fox, an actress at NYU’s Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, decided to register for Quarks To Cosmos, an intro-level Astronomy class offered in the College of Arts & Science, she assumed it would just be an easy way to fulfill her Natural Science requirement. But now six weeks into the course, Fox reports that, “this class has radically changed my life. Up until now, I had always just assumed that I was the center of the Universe, with minor celestial bodies of less talented people revolving around me. Although skeptical at first, I have fully accepted that there is a larger ball of hot air than me at the center of our planetary system.”

“It took several diagrams, and more than a few clips of that guy Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about stuff, but now I totally understand it. Man, Astrology is so cool!”
While certainly more enlightened, Fox admits she doesn’t buy all of it. “I know for a fact that people measure time by my presence, and not by that big hot thing in the sky.”