Tisch Drama Student is Just Having a Really Hard Time Right Now, OK?

tissuesNEW YORK, NY—After coming home and having a normal conversation with her roommates, Ashley Smith, a Tisch Sophomore in the Adler Studio, broke down in inconsolable tears Wednesday night after being asked how her lunch was. Upon trying to comfort her, her friends were unable to find out what was going on. “Something about a boy, I think,” said Ashley’s friend Tabitha, also a Sophomore. “Or maybe it was because she didn’t get the part that she wanted in Spring Awakening? I really don’t know. She does this all the time.” According to sources close to Ms. Smith, the crying spell will be followed by ten to twenty minutes of tearful post-crying sniffles, and everything will be alright by the next time the group heads out to Pommes Frites.