Tisch Junior Insists Short Film’s Sex Scene With Him Is Integral to Story

Brett Chapman, a junior in Tisch’s film program, has hit a roadblock in the production of his short film due to complaints over the inclusion of a graphic sex scene.

Various actresses who were called in to audition for the role ended up declining the part after Chapman refused to remove or even edit the content of the scene, which called for full frontal nudity of the actress and an unbuttoned shirt for Chapman.

The original audition notice called for an 18-25 year old “stunning” girl who should be no more than 115 pounds and 5’3”, comfortable with “emotional and nude” scenes; unfortunately, Chapman was forced to adjust the notice after the girls auditioning looked nothing like his ex.

In Chapman’s film, Where Does The Butterfly Land, which follows the story of a gynecologist (Chapman), a former patient and artist takes pity on Chapman’s character, teaching him how to paint butterflies to help him get over his fear of women. The runtime of the nine-minute-long short film was meant to include the six-minute-long sex scene in question.

Said Chapman, “It’s total bullshit that my art is going unsupported; the scene is integral to the plot, and without it, all I have is a bunch of static shots of butterfly paintings and one or two shots of me on the street looking pensive.”