Tisch Registration Now Allows Drama Majors To Choose Their Typecast

As registration day rolls near, the Tisch School of the Arts has unveiled a new initiative to further specialize their curriculum. Starting next year, all acting majors will be allowed to choose their specific typecast for the years to come. “We really want the students to express their unique nature, but we also want to prepare them for the reality of being identified by a handful of traits for the rest of their lives,” commented Academic CoordinatorPatricia McAdams

“I find it relaxing. To know that I’ll only be expected to play characters within the bounds of racial or ethnic stereotypes really takes the edge off,” reports Terrance McClure, who has begun preparing for all future roles of “Black Guy”, “Urban Youth”, and for the inevitable “Remember The Titans 2: We Know You Forgot”. 

However, on the flip side is sophomore Mary Planters, who claims that this new rule “limits her dramatic range”. In her special case, the Tisch offices have opened up the option to “Double Cast”, allowing Mary to choose both “The upbeat, supportive best friend to the protagonist” while occasionally playing “The sometimes depressed protagonist that learns how to laugh.” This new policy has been deemed “The Bill Hader Clause”, and is available to all Drama majors.