“Two Truths And A Lie” Icebreaker Solves Cold Case Of Professor’s Dead Wife

On the first day of “Introduction To Introductions,” Professor Stephen Gilroy was shocked when a simple icebreaking game of Two Truths and A Lie solved the murder of his wife. “This has been plaguing me for years,” said Gilroy, still shaking in his seat as authorities proceeded to arrest one of his students. “Now I can finally sleep.”

The student in question, Chazz Preston, caught himself in a bit of a pickle when it was his turn to play the game. “My name is Chazz,” he said at first, clearly not trying to play the game. “I’m a freshman,” was allegedly the next thing he said, also a truth as this is a freshman only seminar. Suddenly, Chazz turned to straight to Gilroy and loudly shouted “And I definitely DIDN’T kill your wife, professor!”

“It just didn’t add up,” said Gilroy. “His name was Chazz and he was indeed a freshman… so the only thing he could have been lying about was — I’m sorry it’s just too hard,” sobbed Gilroy, before burying his head into his sleeve.

NYU declined to comment on the situation, but said they still expect Preston to pay his tuition in full, jail time or not.