Typo in NYU Email Leads to Outrage about Scheduled “Chance the Raper” Performance

After the NYU Minute arrived in every student’s inbox on Tuesday, a flurry of anger and disgust erupted from the student body. “I know rap music is misogynistic, but I can’t believe how blatant these rappers are becoming,” said Sophomore Christina Michaels. “And to think that NYU supports this? That’s it, we need to get rid of Greek Life on Campus.”


Although NYU released a correctional email shortly after, the damage had already been done. By 3 PM, #NoSecondChance was trending on Twitter, and misinformed users around the world had weighed in. “omg I’m done I’m so fucking done” tweeted @bridgeybridge, attaching a link to the article.


“Obviously, the University would not condone any artist that would represent themselves as a rapist. I can’t believe we actually need to clarify this,” remarked a University spokesman.