Wiccan Roommate Demands Winter Solstice Decorations Receive Equal Billing with Christmas Decorations in Common Room

Sophomore Wiccan Donnie Brasini is taking a stand for religious freedom at NYU by refusing to take down his traditional symbols of worship in the common room, including a ritualistic knife, altar, and small pile of rodent teeth. “I thought NYU would be inclusive of all religious viewpoints, so I’m honestly shocked that my roommates tried to tell me I couldn’t sacrifice and skin a live rabbit in our room,” he said while casting a protective incantation over the altar. “I need these things for this to feel like a home, a safe space for me, and I’m ready to get the ACLU all over their asses if it comes to that.” Brasini is reportedly also “that guy” in every one of his classes and has some deep issues with his parents.