WSL Staff Still Not Sure What Time It Is Post-Daylight Savings Switch

Fuck, what time is it? Daylight Savings always fucks me up. This was supposed to be posted at 3 PM. Is it 3 PM? I’m currently talking to my brother who lives in Oregon, and they’re three hours behind us, and he says that it’s noon there. But this might be the weekend he was going to Colorado for that Phish concert.

Hey Greg? Do you have the time? No, I looked at my phone, and it says 3 PM, but the clock on the wall says 2:05 PM. I know, my phone is connected to a supercomputer, but I’m like 80% positive I changed that clock already, so I was thinking maybe there was some sort of massive failure on the parts of our phone. And my watch says 2:30, and there’s no way I’ve been looking at that wrong for a week.

Okay, look, Phineas and Ferb reruns are on. Phineas and Ferb reruns are over by 3 PM every day, I’m positive. So there’s no way it’s actually 3 PM right now.

Do we still have that sundial? Oh. I guess it is kind of rainy, yeah.

Fuck, I’m sorry.