NYU Announces $15,000/Hour Minimum Wage For Senior Administration

After a major victory by student organizers on campus in achieving a minimum wage of $15/hr for all student workers, NYU has announced plans to take steps even further.

“It’s great that students are getting paid a decent wage,” said NYU spokesman John Beckman, “But now it’s time admins get the pay they deserve as well. And that’s why we’re proud to announce a $15,000/hr minimum wage for senior administration.”

The plan calls for a phase in time of one week. “Make no mistake,” continued Beckman, “This is a minimum. Faculty making over this will continue to be compensated at their current levels.”

Student reaction to the proposal has been split. Liberal Studies Sophomore Kurt Snyder said he’s generally supportive of the new initiative. “I know how hard it can be to support 4 luxury apartments on even the highest of wages. This new policy helps make sure senior administration gets the help they need.”

Still other students are less that happy. CAS Senior Jake Quinn commented, “This is literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard.”