STUDENT VOICES: “I Love College And Do Not Regret Anything Wait What Are You Doi–”

Feeling satisfied and proud about her college career, CAS senior Paula Schettler looks forward to answering questions about her NYU experience.

“I have no regrets about college. My parents paid for it so I wanted to make them proud, and I think I did that,” Schettler explained as she looked lovingly at her diploma. “It has been the best wait what is that he—-”

Schettler’s roommate, Karen Stafford, supports her: “I’m really happy that she’s succeeded here. I haven’t had as smooth an experience but her positivity has helped,” she said as she looked suspiciously around the room. “I’m sorry I’m a little distracted. Is that her letting out muffled yells? Did you guys like, trap her in a clo-”

Regretfully, the interview had to be cut short for scheduling conflicts. College is a terrible time.