Confident Intern Lists Company Without Job Title On Facebook

Certain she’ll be given a full-time position following her 4-month internship, Tisch senior Sharon Stalls went ahead and listed the company she works for without her job title.

“I could mention that I’m an intern, but I know they’ll be dying to hire me by the time I leave, so why belabor it?” Stalls explained while typing up business cards. “I’m about to graduate, I’m clearly the most likeable, and I make sure to keep reminding them that I don’t have any job prospects.”

Sharon’s supervisors were confused: “Who? Oh, that intern? In the list of phone calls she takes messages for she always writes ‘Hire me :) Lol!’ at the bottom. It’s the third week. We’re considering firing her.”

Sharon’s only backup should this job opportunity fall through is to move back in with her parents, who are wondering how to get out of it.