Freshman With Poor Midterm Grades Promises To Talk To Teacher Once After Class, Then Never Again

After Mike Polemen was shocked to receive a C on his midterm evaluation, he knew it was time to buckle down, and focus on school by briefly talking to his professor once after class before his social anxiety overrode any ounce of common sense. “I didn’t come to school for a good time, I came to learn,” comments Mike, who stayed in his professor’s presence for a total of 50 seconds before feeling uncomfortable and leaving.

When asked for further analysis of his academic dedication, Mike had this to say, “I had some questions about the lesson today, and decided that instead of brushing them off, I’d meekly discuss them with the professor as he packs up his things.” Mike has also reported that his conversation is already paying dividends, saying that one brief encounter is what separates an average student from a great student.

When reached for a comment, the professor added “It’s this type of dedication, to walk 12 feet to the front of the class, and vaguely ask me questions for under a minute… that’s why I got in this business.”