NYU Tandon Declared Study Abroad Location

In keeping with its goal of becoming a Global Network University, NYU has officially declared the Tandon School of Engineering, located in Brooklyn, a new study abroad site.

NYU spokesman John Beckman said of the move, “Whether crossing an ocean or the East River, NYU is constantly finding new ways to broaden our students’ horizons. So many students rarely go above 14th street, let alone out of the borough of Manhattan.”

Many students are excited by the idea of getting to explore what it truly means to live in Brooklyn. “I’m really interested in trying different food,” says freshman Dorothy Shruber. “There are just so many brunch options I’ve never gotten to have.”

Still other students are a bit apprehensive. Sophomore Tucker Gill expressed particular concern. “I don’t know if I could go a full semester without seeing my friends. I’m sure I’ll meet new people in Brooklyn but will we really keep in touch when it’s all over?”  

At press time NYU alerted reporters of its intention to open a new study abroad site on Staten Island.