Super Laid-Back Advisor Says You’ll Graduate On Time Probably

When asked if he would graduate on time, transfer student Ryan Beardsley’s advisor told him he probably would, but also added, “who’s to say?”

When Beardsley pushed the subject further, his advisor, Josh Banks, responded with, “where’s all this stress coming from?” and went on to suggest Beardsley either take up meditation or purchase a stress ball from his local Walmart.

“I don’t know why I still bother to make appointments with him,” Beardsley explained with a monotone voice and frazzled hair. “I need to graduate on time to find a good job and start supporting myself financially. This is unbelievable.”

Before leaving, Beardsley asked where he should purchase his graduation cap and gown. His advisor responded with a laugh and proceeded to invite Ryan to join him in the park for a game of hacky-sack.