Gallatin Junior Distills Entire Terrible Personality Into Series Of Horrifying Laptop Stickers

According to sources around NYU, Gallatin junior Cindy Hodson has effectively taken her entire sense of self and translated it into a series of laptop stickers.

“When you see Cindy’s laptop, you can pretty much immediately tell what she’s about,” said Laine Brown, a sophomore in CAS. “Right off the bat you can tell that she likes Doctor Who, Che Guevara, and the Arctic Monkeys. That’s like 40% of her whole personality already, and that’s just what I got from the bottom right corner of her macbook.”

Reports also note that Hodson’s laptop sports three separate stickers with the word “introvert,” two stickers with the word “sassy,” and fourteen individual usages of the word “friendship.” Additionally, all of these stickers used the Amatic font.

“I just looked at the quirky, lovable person that I am, and I thought, ‘what better way to display my awful identity than through a vibrant collage of disgusting stickers?’” stated Hodson. “I looked at my boring, plain old laptop case and I saw its potential — the potential for it to become a perverse shrine to the person who I think I am.”

At press time, Hodson was spotted attempting to affix a new Harry Potter photo in between the Supreme logo and a Broad City quote.