Cool Professor Who Cooly Wants You To Call Him By His Cool First Name Is Cool

“Just call me Terry!” chuckles art history professor Terry Bull, sitting down with Washington Square Local at a pretty neat coffee shop called Starbucks. “I’m a cool professor. I want us to be friends! This is a friendship, right? I’m just one of you kids, really. I’m Terr-Bear! We’re friends.”

Bull, who teaches four classes, says he’s always felt that being called “professor” or “sir” is far too formal for his liking. He notably rejects his superiority in favor of having a chill, cool relationship with his students.

“Sure, I might be grading your papers super harshly and causing you to lose hours and hours of sleep, but I really feel like giving you permission to call me Terry makes up for it. It’s just how I roll. It’s how I whip and nae nae, you know? Raindrop, drop top, as they say! Classic Terr-Bear, right?”

At press time, Professor Bull had no comment regarding his recent messy divorce.