Freshman Film/TV Student Opens Up About Being The Next James Cameron, Future Plans


This week, Tisch Freshman Kenneth Perkins revealed to classmates that he is the “next James Cameron.” Met with shock, awe, and most importantly jealousy, Perkins is said to be overwhelmed by his success thus far in the program. “I feel as though these two months have helped me perfect my craft, I am ready to break into the industry,” says Perkins.

With three production assistant hours under his belt, Perkins thinks that he’s “learned all [he] can from this place” and “it might be time to drop out.” Having already completed two 1-minute exercises for his classes, Perkins is said to be in talks to have a feature film produced within the next six months.

A professor to Perkins, John Maggi, notes that “Kenneth has a lot of opinions on 90’s sitcoms and he’s vehemently proven that he’s watched a lot of film noir prior to entering NYU. If those aren’t the qualities of a star in the making, I don’t know what is.”

Perkins is hoping to have his feature script done by next week, but in the meantime asks you check out his photography album on Facebook titled “Sick Picz: NYU Year One.”