Kid Who Always Brings Skateboard To Class Definitely Going To Argue With Professor Again Today

You heard it here first, folks: that kid who brings his weird skateboard into the lecture hall with him is definitely going to argue with the professor again today.

“You can tell by the way that he brings his skateboard into class that he’s not the kind of guy who plays by the rules,” states Susan Winters, a classmate of the kid who carries his skateboard with him all around town. “Which I guess is also why he always insists on contesting every other thing the professor says.”

The kid who brings his skateboard into class was reportedly seen today bringing his skateboard into class, setting his messenger bag down in the seat next to him, and getting ready to get into a bitter argument over British policy in post-famine Ireland with a grown man who went to graduate school for this.

“I mean at a certain point you have to wonder whether it’s actually worth riding a skateboard if you’re going to have to carry it around all the time,” said Winters, “But I guess that’s just his thing.”