Professor Heartbreakingly Curates Optional Reading List No One Will Ever Use

Intermediate Psych professor Don Livingston spent his Sunday afternoon lovingly crafting an optional reading list on his syllabus that none of his students will ever look at, much less actually use.

“Hmm… we’ll start out with something fun!” thought Livingston to himself as he added Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams to the list, wondering if he should write some discussion questions for his class who will unquestionably never read Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams.

Sources say the poor motherfucker pathetically continued to spend time and effort finding books and papers that he mistakenly believed his students would genuinely use, patiently scanning his personal collection of psychology books and uploading PDFs that will never be opened to NYU classes.

“I don’t want them to have to go out and buy the books,” Livingston said. “This way they can have easy access to all of these wonderful resources!”

Professor Livingston reportedly “couldn’t wait to discuss all these fascinating readings with [his] young scholars!” Upon request for comment, all 521 students in Livingston’s class asked, “Will this be on the test? If not, I couldn’t give  fuck.”