RA In Decoration Hell As Multiple Holiday Seasons Loom

With Halloween over, RAs all over campus are experiencing mental breakdowns as they frantically prepare hall decorations and floor events for the upcoming holiday season. Students and building staff alike have noticed their RAs crumble under the pressures of cutting out cartoon turkeys, laminating pilgrim hats, and chopping down holiday trees.

Judy Williams, RA in Third North, is feeling, “overworked and under-appreciated” by her residents. She feels her “public service” is a “thankless job.” Staying up throughout all hours of the night, Williams and her fellow RAs feel they’re in student leader purgatory as they strive to make their floors life-sized dioramas.

Cries for help have largely fallen on deaf, apathetic ears as students, like freshman Kether Abraham claim to “not care about November bulletin boards as much as they think we do.”

As push comes to shove, more RAs are coming to terms with the fact that their job is not as worthwhile as they were told.