Sorority Rush Kicks Off With High-Heeled Race Up Kimmel Stairs

Due to NYU’s large student body, city campus, and lack of community, many new students find themselves feeling lonely, and in need of joining a group larger than themselves in order to make friends. These students are put to the test though, as only the best and brightest can join one of NYU’s 7 active sororities, none of which we can name off the top of our heads.

Even though only approximately 5% of NYU students participate in Greek Life, it is an annual tradition on-campus to notice the herds of nervous, formally-dressed underclassmen competing to be part of these organizations. This year, in order to narrow down the number of pledges to choose from, sororities have decided to begin the process with a grueling high-heeled race up Kimmel’s 12-story stairs.

In an attempt to weed out some of the weaker rushees, the university’s Panhellenic Council has decided to implement this new kick-off event for rushing, which will surely eliminate a large portion of young women unable to withstand an approximately 2000-step climb while wearing 3-inch or higher heels. Sorority members will be standing by on each floor’s elevators to watch out for any potential cheaters, and ensure each hopeful pledge will participate in the blister-inducing feat of desperation.

Whichever 60 pledges make it to the top floor Grand Hall of Kimmel first will be rewarded with water bottles, chairs, and a feeling of inclusion amongst one of NYU’s most minor clubs.