Tisch Junior With Summer Internship Excited To Be Exploited By Cool Production Company

Having finally snagged a much sought-after internship, Tisch junior Shailene Walls has set the date for when she’ll start being exploited by a cool production company.
“I can’t wait to do anywhere from menial to grueling tasks 3 days a week for no pay,” Walls explained as she read over the email correspondence between her and the only sort of well-known production company she’ll be interning for. “Isn’t it great that the entertainment industry allows you to work side by side with them under terrible conditions that rarely to never lead to an actual full-time job offer? My friends will be so impressed.”
Walls’ parents, who know nothing of the entertainment industry, are very excited for their daughter: “This is great, going into her senior year, Shailene will be able to intern with them for the year then work there full-time post-graduation. We no longer have to worry!”
Walls’ plans to wait until the end of the summer to inform her parents that in this fickle industry, internships are practically just excuses to have slave labor.