Tisch Senior’s Thesis Film Metaphor For Living At Home Rest Of Life

Needing to let everyone know that he’s giving up in 7 weeks, Film & TV senior John Starks’ thesis film is a metaphor for him moving back home forever come graduation.

“I wanted to create a film that says, ‘A career in art is too frail to be sustainable,’” Starks explained as he took down wall decorations in his apartment. “To put it simply, I want money and to not deal with the crippling anxiety that comes with an unknown path for the future. Mom and Dad, get excited!”

Starks’ parents are picking up on his symbolistic film after watching the trailer.

“Oh no, I hope this doesn’t mean he thinks he’s allowed to move back home after college,” Bob Starks said while looking around their completely redone home. “I mean, we turned his room into our own little night club with a disco ball. We are loving the empty nesters life.”

While John Starks plans to send his parents the final cut of his film in an e-mail explanation, Starks’ parents plan to send him photos of their indistinguishable new home in an e-mail explanation. We wish them all the best of luck.