Tisch Sophomore Knows More About Her Characters’ Wants Than Her Own

Hannah Weinberg, Tisch ’18, recently came to the realization that she is far more attuned to the wants, needs, and long term goals of her character than she is her own. “I know that Chrysanthemum needs acceptance and validation in the form of her best friend caring about her,” said Weinberg, surrounded by a sea of notecards. “I’m far less sure of how I’m going to afford to live anywhere with an arts scene after graduation.”
A Wellness Center counselor suggested, “Many of these students may be so far removed from reality that we can no longer find their true sense of self. For example, the majority of the Freshman film class thinks they have what it takes to be the next Martin Scorsese or James Cameron; that’s the same as telling 3rd graders they can all be the President.” Weinberg remains uncertain about her future, but knows for sure that Chrysanthemum will run down the street naked as a sign of liberation in the third act.