Aspiring Comedian in Recitation Bravely Mocks Republican Frontrunners

After months of deliberation over if he was ready to “put [him]self out there like that,” sophomore Ryan McMillan has decided to pursue NYU’s most notoriously controversial topic: disparaging Republicans.

“We got more attendance today than a Rubio rally, am I right?!” exclaimed McMillan, to kick off his routine. Though it took the class awhile to get warmed up, McMillan made the best of the situation, trying his hand at some self-deprecating humor by putting on his best Jeb Bush impression, pleading for his classmates to, ‘Please clap.”

Taking brief pauses to read the room, McMillan continued his set, throwing out a “Ted Cruz’s face” joke to raucous silence, before delving into a scathing comparison between Trump and Hitler.

“It went really well,” said McMillan, when interviewed after class. “Deciding what your personal brand should be is always a huge decision, and I wasn’t sure if I could handle the amount of backlash from the diverse pool of opinions held at NYU, but doing what’s right isn’t always what’s easiest,” he said whilst his TA offered a weak smile in agreement. “But in this case, it definitely was.”