Cinema Studies Department Announces They Will Offer “Madagascar: David Schwimmer, Lemurs, and the Spectre of White Imperialism” This Spring

The Department of Cinema Studies in Tisch has announced a last-minute addition to the Spring 2016 Course Listing entitled “Madagascar: David Schwimmer, Lemurs, and the Spectre of White Imperialism.” The course will be taught by Howard Zinn, noted critic of American foreign policy.

Students are promised in the course syllabus they will gain a comprehension of the imperialist themes of the 2005 Dreamworks family comedy starring an ensemble cast as zoo animals who leave America for the island of Madagascar. “Students can expect lectures on specific scenes from the film,” reads the syllabus. “Remember when the lemurs use Ben Stiller’s lion character to help fight their predators? Talk about white colonial solutions disrupting natural, sustainable native interaction with the environment.”
Zinn has requested that nobody use the derogatory term “Zebra” in class to describe Chris Rock’s character.