Freshman’s Article On Medium Shockingly Well Written

In a shocking turn of events, the NYU community was rocked by revelations that freshman Rodrick Simpleton’s Medium article was actually pretty good. The news came after Simpleton, a first-year in CAS studying in History, shared his article on Facebook.

Many of Simpleton’s Facebook friends were inclined to ignore the Medium article based on Simpleton’s post. His caption read, “I did a thing,” a common refrain of those who have not done a thing worth viewing.

Instead, one Facebook friend, Randy Porridge, was surprised upon opening the article. “It actually made some really good points about Trump,” said Porridge, also a freshman in CAS.

When reached for comment, Simpleton was unsurprised. “Yeah, I spent a bunch of time on it Thursday night. So I figured it was gonna be amazing.” Simpleton then plugged his Patreon, leading Washington Square Local reporters to hang up on him.