Inexperienced Economics Student Unsure How to Stimulate the Private Sector

Freshman economics major Devon Martin is reportedly feeling unconfident concerning his economic prowess. “I have this dream where I walk into an assessment, expected to know how to stimulate the private sector. All of the sudden it gets really hard and before I know it, it’s all over. In other dreams I’m not even able to finish.”

Martin has experienced constant frustration over how easy it seems to come for his classmates. “The more experienced students have these specific methods to demand curves, but I’m not that particular. I’ll take the A wherever I can get it.”

One of these classmates, junior Barbara Scrimshaw, understands Martin’s frustration, but feels he’s approaching his issues in the wrong way. “A lot of students think they can sit in their rooms staring at problem sets and learn economics. So much of the homework out there is perverting students’ expectations of economic realities.”

At press time, Martin had some thoughts concerning his future prospects. “When I came to NYU my parents thought I’d end up receiving a D. There’s a first time for everything I suppose.”