Take-Home “Closed Book” Midterm Going To Be Real Challenge For Student’s Nonexistent Conscience

CAS sophomore Mable Scott has avoided studying all semester so she would be ready to cheat on her psychology midterm. When her professor announced the exam would be take-home but closed book and closed note, Mable was seen winking at her professor and giving him finger guns. Mable then reportedly put her headphones back in, reclined in her chair, and went back to eating a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

Scott gleamed with pride as she told WSL reporters how many PowerPoint lecture slides she had open on her laptop during the exam. “So many,” she said.

Scott reports the hardest part of the midterm was the essay question on morality. During lecture, Scott’s professor asked the class, “What keeps us from making choices we know are wrong? For example, what is going to keep you from cheating on this exam?” Scott responded with “Nothing.”