Roommate Ushers In New Spiritual Phase With Incense, Lots of Rocks

Last weekend Gallatin sophomore Maya Quinn’s roommate Taylor Gray (LSP ‘19) disturbed the entire floor by choking it up with burning sage.

Quinn returned to her room Sunday afternoon to find every nook of their Weinstein room filled with little Buddha statues and crystal points. Her belongings had been rearranged and the furniture oriented in accordance with the principles of feng shui.

“I just wasn’t able to study with the energy the way it was,” said Gray, seated beneath a 16×11 poster of some Hindu god she can’t pronounce. “Luckily I walked by The Apothecary (you know, that exotic little shop on 3rd?), and caught a whiff of their spiritual herb-and-rock collection. I just had to buy some of their ‘Far East Paradise.’

While Gray is certain the new changes to the apartment will “realign our chakras,” Quinn remains skeptical.

“I find it hard to believe that dedicating every inch of space to geodes will promote a good working environment,” she remarked, perched precariously atop a medium-sized amethyst boulder.  “But I don’t want to involve the RA, ’cause the incense actually does a pretty good job covering up the dank weed I smoke in the bathroom everyday.”

Gray plans to travel to “the slums of India to find myself” after graduation.