Alone All Weekend, Student Has Free-For-All With Roommate’s Shampoo, Groceries

With her roommate out of town for the weekend, CAS senior Jill Summers enjoyed unmitigated access to her shampoo and groceries, among other things.

“I took 3 showers Saturday, for the sole purpose of using Sarah’s shampoo both as shampoo and as body wash,” Summers explained with a twitch in her eye. “Then on Sunday, I made spaghetti using her pasta sauce and spices. I have never felt so alive.”

Sarah, upon coming home Monday morning, felt differently. “I know my roommate did this. My shampoo bottle is crushed and half my groceries are gone,” she defeatedly explained. “She also wrote ‘You were gone so I made sure your things wouldn’t go to waste. I did this for you!’ on a Post-It and stuck it on my door. I’m moving out.”

Jill hopes that her next roommate likes baking, because she has been craving homemade brownies.