STUDENT VOICES: Should I Stay In New York After Graduation Or Live A Life Of Happiness?

Weighing out her options before graduation in May, Tisch senior May Weathers can’t decide if she should stay in New York, or live a happy life.

“I mean, if I stay here, there will always be something to do,” Weathers explained as she wrote a “pros and cons” list with zero pros. “But at the same time, the weather is terrible and it’s expensive and people are mean and I’m sick all the time and have crippling anxiety.”

Weathers’ advisor, John Cantrell, had some advice: “I decided to stay in New York, and I tell most students to do the same depending on the career they’re pursuing,” he said as he took 1 of 18 pills that are literally the only thing keeping him alive. “I mean look at me, I’m loving it.” At this point, Cantrell stared at us with eyes full of desperation, and then tears.

Weathers plans to prepare for her future in New York by locking in weekly appointments with her therapist and stocking up on hard liquor.